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is a place where veterans receive absolutely free services, medical evaluations, food, clothing and supplies.

Stand Down

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Allen W. Erickson founded Northwest Montana Veterans’ Stand Down in 2000. “Stand Down” is a military term used to define a period of time when combat troops are allowed to stand down from the rigors of constant alert status and the hardships of battle to enter a safe zone where they can eat, rest and receive medical treatment. We believe the term is a fitting description that defines our mission to extend a helping hand up to veterans.

Montana has one of the largest populations of veterans per capita. The Stand Downs are a collaborative community outreach which has allowed us to proffer assistance to as many as 2,500 veterans in a single weekend. While many veterans make Stand Down an annual event, each year we see many new faces and educate hundreds of veterans who do not realize they are entitled to services or benefits.

Latest Stand Down

06 Oct 2018
09:00AM - 02:00PM
Stand Down

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