Northwest Montana Veterans Stand Down & Food Pantry is blessed with a platoon of committed staff members and volunteers who work tirelessly to support our veterans. We are grateful for each of them and are reminded on a daily basis how truly dedicated and invaluable they are.

Staff Members:

Jeff Burkhart, Intake Coordinator (7 years)

Jay Calobeer, Warehouse (6 years)

Mike Porter, Thrift Store

Patricia Hruska Burkhart

Joanne Mordja Receptionist

Cynthia Neilsen Thrift Store Manager

Cinnamon Davis Hall, Support Staff (16 years)

Long-Term Volunteers:

Roy Kidder, Receiving Supervisor/RSVP (14 years)

Rebecca (“Becky”) Barnett, Food Pantry Manager & Office Assistant (6 years)

Gary Thompson, Pickups & Deliveries (4 years)

Bob West Food Distribution

Randy Burns Food Distribution

Leroy Turner Food Distribution