Food & Clothing

The North West Montana Veterans Stand Down & Food Pantry is dedicated to extending a helping hand up to homeless, low-income and at-risk veterans and their families. These heroes have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution and people of the United States of America and now we must uphold them in their time of need.

We administer a multi faceted operation designed to accommodate each individual’s unique needs. Our mission is to offer wraparound services to our qualifying veterans through the many aspects of our program which include: Raising community awareness to and advocating for the unmet needs of veterans. Nourishing hungry veterans and their families with nutritional food boxes. Equipping homeless and newly housed veteran households with clothing and furnishings. Outreaching as many veterans as possible through our bi-annual Stand Downs. Helping clients obtain Veterans Affair benefits and medical system enrollment. Providing veteran to veteran peer counseling and referrals to homeless shelters, housing, jobs, VA medical clinics, mental health specialists and other community resources. Building self-esteem by extending a helping hand up NOT a hand out; we provide a warm welcome, haircuts by appointment, access to laundry & shower facilities and hot coffee.

The Veterans Food Pantry

In 2016 we received a total of 181,713 pounds of food for our veterans and their immediate families. Our local community donated 160,494 pounds or 88 % of this total, we purchased 6% and the remaining 6% came from our state commodity program.

The Veterans Food Pantry supplies monthly, holiday, and Stand Down food boxes to each qualifying family, taking into consideration family size, dietary needs, income level and often-limited cooking facilities. Almost 250 veteran households received a nutritional food box every month. This year we served over 574 children for a total of 4,898 individuals in 2016.

The other services we offer are Showers and Laundry facilities, Monthly Haircuts, Access to the Internet and Peer Counseling, Community Referrals for local services and Durable Medical Equipment loans.

While some of these services are geared to our Homeless Veterans many who do not fit into this category are offered other services and referrals to our local community. Donate Now Pantry Photo

The Veterans Clothing & More Store

The Veterans Clothing & More Store is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Monday thru Friday from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm with the proceeds going to support our mission. We offer friendly service and quality merchandise at community prices.

Although we do request a monetary donation, we work with our clients on an individual basis to meet their needs. Through the generosity of community donations, we have been able to outfit thousands of men, women, and children of all ages with clothing, footwear, blankets, household items and furniture.

Qualifying homeless veterans are equipped bi-annually with seasonally appropriate One (Outfit) to Wash/One (Outfit) to Wear and offered access to shower and laundry facilities.

We also offer “move in” assistance to our newly housed Veterans. This includes the basic essentials and some furniture. We also try to make sure they have a bed and bedding. New Quilts that are donated by local churches in the Valley are given to the head of household to help them make a home. Donate Now Clothing Photo

Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program

We have expanded this program to help offset the cost of Medical Equipment needed for a short term basis. The program is designed for the individual who needs a wheelchair, walker, bath bench, commode, crutches, cane or even a hospital bed to help during their journey with health care issues. The program is open to the public and hours of operation are from 10:00 AM to 3:00 Pm Monday – Friday. We advise you work with your healthcare professional in the selection of your equipment and use of the equipment you borrow. We are not trained to give you instructions on the use of the equipment. The program is designed to provide you with the equipment for 120 days and can be extended for an additional 120 days. Supplies are limited to a first come first serve basis.